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MacroPATH D Macro digital imaging system for the grossing room


A new, innovative, highly visual productivity and quality control tool for the grossing room. MacroPATH D is a user-oriented capture, annotation, and storage system for digital macro images and videos to support macroscopic descriptions and to dramatically reduce specimen turn-around time at the grossing station.
The system serves as a comprehensive method of storing the macroscopic images, with spoken comments, providing an invaluable diagnostic database for routine grossing, teaching and research.

High resolution picture

The 9 megapixel industrial digital camera with autofocus, auto light adjustment, and 10x optical magnification, captures outstanding quality images, in JPG format.
Camera magnification range allows for capture of large to minute details.

Waterproof control terminal

The Point Of Care (POC) unit features 17” color touch-screen TFT-LCD in a splash and dust-proof enclosure.
80GB hard drive with 4 USB ports.

  • A major visual complement to standard descriptions
  • Availability of images eliminates vagueness in description of shape, size and color of specimens.
  • Eliminates hand drawings or long descriptions.
  • Enables detailed observation and documentation through 10x optical magnification.
  • Digital files can be retrieved by LIS systems.


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