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The B/R 9700 MiniProCycler Solvent Recycler

mini_solvent_recycler The B/R 9700 MiniProCycler Solvent Recycler is a fully automatic system for recycling solvents in histology and industrial laboratories. Solvent recycling can recover money that is going down the drain or being hauled away.

Solvent Recycling made easy! Let this fully automatic solvent recycler do all the work. Simply put the used solvent into place, push start and let the solvent recycler do the rest. When the recycled solvent is ready for reuse, the solvent recycler will alert you with an audible alarm and a message on the display.

Solvent Recycling is safe! The microprocessor controller watches over the solvent recycler, constantly checking all safety parameters. At the end of the solvent recycling program, the equipment stops the process automatically and lets you know that the recycled solvent is ready for reuse.

Recover Pure Solvents and Reuse them! This solvent recycler uses microprocessor control to assure that the solvent recycling process yields the purest possible solvents. The microprocessor is preprogrammed with up to 19 different solvent recycling protocols. Solvent recycling protocols can be easily optimized or added for your specific needs. Common applications include:

Xylene Solvent Recycling
Alcohol Solvent Recycling
Xylene Substitute Solvent Recycling
Acetone Solvent Recycling
Formalin Recycling
Many other Solvent Recycling applications

9700 MiniProCycler features:

2.1 gallon (8 liter) capacity
Fully automated solvent recycling process
High Purity Recycled Solvents
All metal construction
Compact size

Start saving money today by recycling your facility's waste solvents simply, safely, and effectively with a MiniProCycle Solvent Recycler. Never has solvent recycling been so easy!


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