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Unique Track Hinge design provides easy one-handed installation of lid cover. Front catch mechanism is ergonomically engineered for easy opening for the lid. Four corner locking mechanism ensures security during processing. Using the rear track clasp the lid can be adjusted to stay open in place. The chemical resistant ridged materials provide a stable platform for embedding and cutting. Full textured surfaces give maximum marking area (3 full sides). The 45° angle face is perfect for SHUR/Mark® and other labeling instruments.


Processing and Embedding Cassettes

Enhanced perforation allows proper fluid transfer and effective drainage, which produces superior infiltration and reduces carry-over during processing. The solid enclosed base reduces pooling and paraffin spillover during embedding by quickly delivering molten paraffin into the mold.

Biopsy Cassettes

Biopsy cassettes are designed to securely contain smaller specimen samples, while allowing adequate fluid transfer for proper processing.

Prepackaged Cassettes

Preloaded cassettes for SHUR/Mark® labelers. These cassettes are easily loaded into SHUR/Mark™®hopper eliminating the chore of manual loading. Available in either process/embedding or biopsy cassettes and in all colors.


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