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SHUR/Dry™ Slide Dryers

SD-III High Capacity Slide Dryer / Mechanical Convection Oven

SHUR/Dry™ is the most recent advancement in rapid slide drying technology. The new design allows users to increase their productivity while maintaining superior results.


  • Ambient to 75° + 1°
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Digital programming
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Recessed fluorescent lighting
  • Adjustable shelf accommodates many different sizes & shapes of articles.
  • Ideal for keeping microwave paraffin bowls liquidified between runs
  • Four powerful 3,200rpm fans each blow 51cfm of heated air across a 700w, 18” heating strip for rapid drying of glassware
  • Can handle large numbers of microscope slide racks


SD-II for Low Volume Slide Drying Apparatus

  • Temperature control to 75° C
  • Lexan front for easy viewing
  • Thermal switch for overheat protection
  • Accommodates two slide stainer racks

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