Automatic Tissue Processor

The unique Histomaster tissue processor program meets all requirements of today's histo-pathology, covering safety of the specimen,
fast processing, flexibility, environmental protection and economy.

  • proven technique over many years
  • instrument can turn for easier loading of reagents
  • high capacity of up to 540 cassettes per run
  • analogue or digital programming
  • continues agitation for better processing
  • WAX CHECK for the protection of your specimens
  • Fume hood for a safer environment in which to work in your lab
  • digital, analogue
  • flexible and service friendly
  • up to 540 cassettes per run

Model 2065/2/ analogue or digital
Standard tissue processor
• max 12 stations
• Capacity: 2,0 litre
• up to 360 cassettes per run

Model 2065/3/ analogue or digital
Large volume tissue processor
• 12 stations
• Capacity: 3,0 litre
• up to 540 cassettes per run

• Digitale or analogue control
• Digital programming of up to 9 programs
• Fume hood
• Vacuum for wax bath

Technical data
• Delay time: up to 999 hours
• Dimensions: Diameter 75 x 45 (height) cm
• Weight: approx. 50 kg
• Power supply: 230 V/ 50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz


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