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VISUALIZE - Intuitive, Responsive, Entire-slide Viewing


After creating whole-slide digital scans of your entire glass slide with a ScanScope scanner, the manner in which you visualize the resulting digital slide is critical. You need to have rapid access to crisp, true-color digital slide images to which you can adjust magnification, pan and zoom, compare different stains, annotate areas of interest, perform image analysis, and more.

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 Your Goals:

  • Improve upon digital microscopic review by viewing multiple high-resolution, whole-slide digital images simultaneously
  • Increase your accessibility by viewing slides from any workstation, anywhere, anytime
  • Avoid the delay of physically transporting glass slides among departments
  • Collaborate easily by performing real-time digital slide conferencing among multiple, remote locations
  • View multi-channel fluorescence images in a
    variety of ways: as layers, or side-by-side. View
    all channels simultaneously, turn individual
    channels on and off, and adjust brightness,
    contrast, gamma, and XY registration as desired

Our Solution:

We have multiple visualization options based on your needs. ImageScope†, our freely downloadable viewing software, is intuitive and optimized for manual read on a computer monitor, anywhere, anytime. Benefit from its host of capabilities, including the ability to perform basic image analysis and view digital slides side by side. When fully integrated with Spectrum information management system, benefit from advanced visualization capabilities, such as the ability to perform advanced image analysis and remote digital slide conferences.


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