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mopecMopec provides American-made equipment and laboratory products to the pathology, histology, necropsy, autopsy and mortuary industries. Founded in 1992, Mopec solutions are among the very best as demonstrated by the vast number of installations in America's top healthcare institutions and facilities. Our reputation, which continues to grow worldwide, is built on decades of superior customer service specializing in consultation and customization.


MB600 Elevating Grossing Workstation



Rectangle Dimensions: 60" (152cm) Long x 29" (73cm)Deep
Standard Features Include:
Rectangle All 304 stainless steel construction
Rectangle Electrical requirements: 115v- 60 Hz - 1 Ph - 1 circuit - 20 amps
Rectangle Working area elevating range: 29-1/2"(74cm) to 41-1/2"(105cm) H
Rectangle Overall elevating range: 71-1/2"(181cm) to 83-1/2"(212cm) H
Rectangle Elevating pendant switch
Rectangle Sink: 19"(48cm) Long x 14"(36cm) Wide x 10"(25cm) Deep
NOTE: Right hand sink is standard. Please request quote revision if left hand sink is desired.
Rectangle Swing spout faucet w/wrist blade handles and vacuum breaker
Rectangle Recessed fluorescent lighting
Rectangle White polyethylene dissection board 23"(58cm) L x 16"(40cm) W x 3/4" H
Rectangle Inch/centimeter ruler
Rectangle GFCI duplex electrical receptacle w/water tight cover
Rectangle 14" Stainless steel adjustable shelf with brackets
Rectangle Magnetic tool bar
Rectangle Paper towel holder
Rectangle One (1) large and One (1) small stainless steel organizer bin
Rectangle Backdraft Ventilation designed to safely and efficiently remove formaldehyde fumes and hazardous chemical vapors.
Rectangle Equipped with two 8"(20cm) diameter flexible factory installed exhaust ducts which can be connected to any in-house ventilation system.
Rectangle See catalog pages 166 & 167 for further details


MB400 Grossing Workstation - Counter Top, Large Sink



Rectangle Dimensions: 60" (152.4 cm) Long x 29" (73.7cm) Wide x 79" (200.1cm) High

Standard Features Includes:
Rectangle Electrical requirements: 115v- 60 hz - 1 ph - 1 circuit - 20 amps
Rectangle All stainless steel construction
Rectangle Large deep sink, 19"(48cm) L x 14" (36cm) W x 10" (25cm) D
Rectangle Includes hot & cold water fixture with wrist blade handles and swing spout faucet and built-In vacuum breaker
Rectangle Recessed stainless steel work surface
Rectangle Removable polyethylene cutting board-color white23" (58.4cm) L x 16" (40.6cm) W x 3/4" (2cm) H. 
Rectangle (4) Four leveling pads
Rectangle Washable rule with inch & centimeter markings
Rectangle Rule is located on the inside lip of the workstation
Rectangle Magnetic tool bar holds instruments when not in use
Rectangle Stainless Steel C-Fold paper towel dispenser
Rectangle Waterproof fluorescent light with (2) two fluorescent bulbs
Rectangle GFCI electrical receptacle 
Rectangle Duct stub connection: 58" (147.32cm) L x 3" (7.6cm) W
Rectangle Backdraft Ventilation designed to safely and efficiently remove formaldehyde fumes and hazardous chemical vapors. Equipped with a factory installed exhaust duct which can be connected to any in-house ventilation system
Rectangle All plumbing and electrical work accomplished at factory
Rectangle Only trade hook up required.
Rectangle 14" Stainless steel shelf
Rectangle Organizer Bin - (1) small stainless steel
Rectangle Organizer Bin - (1) large stainless steel
Rectangle See catalog page 160 & 161 for further details.


CE200 Elevating Autopsy Table - Pedestal Style



Rectangle Overall dimensions: 100" L x 30" W x 32 to 40" High
Rectangle Elevation range + or - 8"
Rectangle All stainless steel construction
Rectangle Weight capacity: 750 Lbs
Rectangle 14 gauge stainless steel table top, sink and grid plates.
Rectangle 18 gauge stainless steel pedestal
Rectangle All type 304 stainless steel with #4 finish.
Rectangle Standard Features
Rectangle Down draft ventilation (down draft dual cone system)
Rectangle Large integral sink
Rectangle Hydro aspirator with reversing flow valve. Includes hose hanger and 8' clear PVC tubing.
Rectangle Cold water control valve with vacuum beaker swing spout.
Rectangle Hot and cold water fixture with swing spout and vacuum breaker.
Rectangle Single lever hot/cold water mixing valve.
Rectangle Sink spray assembly. Long flexible hose included.
Rectangle Four (4) interchangeable removable grid plates with 1/2" recess and 3/8" diameter holes on 2" square centers.
Rectangle Two (2) GFCI duplex outlet with waterproof cover
Rectangle All plumbing and electrical work accomplished at factory. Only trade hoop up required.
Rectangle (2) Access panels
Rectangle See catalog pages 256 and 257 for further information


Total Draft T-Wing Dissection Station

HK100 consists of (1) one HK300 + (1) one HK200

Rectangle Dimensions: 108" Long x 30" Wide x 50" High (Counter top and Cabinet)
Rectangle Dimensions: 56 ½" long x 30" wide 37" lowered, 47 ¼" raised (elevating dissecting wing)
Rectangle Fabricated of 18 gauge stainless steel

Standard Features Include:

Rectangle Vent tie-in
Rectangle Two sink wells
Rectangle Removable perforated grid plates
Rectangle Two hot/cold mixing valves
Rectangle Two fixtures with swring spouts
Rectangle Two sink spray assemblies
Rectangle Support Pedestal has two access doors (one on each side)
Rectangle Two G.F.C.I. Receptacles
Rectangle It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that there is adequate room from receiving to final destination of equipment.

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