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medite_logo_topThe Medite® Group is an experienced growing business specializing in high-quality equipment for histology, pathology and cytology labs.


Rotary Microtome automatic

Meditome A550


Key product features

  • Powerful cutting motor drive with safety function

  • Cutting speed from 0 to 400 mm/sec., selectable

  • Instrument operates worldwide without switching the power supply voltage


Combination TCA 44-720 Slide Stainer and Coverslipper

TCA 44-720

Superior quality and reliability makes this system unique in the world!

With the Medite® TCA 44-720 combination unit, full walk-away lab automation from staining to the finished slides is now coming into your reach by merging the combination-ready TST 44 C continuous slide stainer with the new ACS 720 automated glass coverslipper. Flexibility and high throughput as well as excellent quality and safety are the key features of this sophisticated Medite® product.

Tissue Processing Center TPC 15
Closed linear Tissue Processing System with 15 stations for rapid dual (TPC 15 Duo) or triple (TPC 15 Trio) sample processing.

The most cost-effective answer for the tissue processing needs of ever histology laboratory.

Parallel processing of two (TPC 15 Duo) or three (TPC 15 Trio) different embedding programs or fast biopsies in less than one hour makes the system indispensable to all lab professionals who need immediate results.


TFB 35 Tissue Flotation Bath

Water bath for flattening out and drying tissue sections in histology, pathology, chemical, clinical and bacteriology laboratories.

  • Stainless steel surface

Key product features

The tissue flotation bath TFB 35 provides a rectangular water bath with removable glass tray.

The electronic temperature control guarantees an exact temperature regulation and indication by digital display. The large heated stainless steel working area facilitates the handling of section drying.

The water surface is dazzle-free illuminated from below by a fluorescent lamp.


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