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TBS (Triangle Biomedical Service) For over 25 years, TBS has designed, developed, manufactured and marketed innovative products for the pathology laboratory. The Company has one of the most comprehensive histology product lines in the industry, ranging from sophisticated microwave and conventional pressure vacuum tissue processing instrumentation to the highest quality consumables and reagents. TBS' technology is marketed globally through a network of regional and national distributors.

SHUR/Mark Cassette Labeler

The first instrumentation to automate and efficiently manage the cassette labeling process. Proven technology automatically feeds, prints and collates cassettes sequentially. Extensive data customization, input efficiencies and data storage capabilities. Easy to use.
New packaging offers customization to fit your lab’s individual needs.


Ideal for immediate access to printed cassettes. Accessories include collection guide chute, 2 dispensing hoppers, dual-position cassette hopper loading platform and Advance Software.

Optional accessories include a 4 hopper accessory (cat# SM-HA) that will extend number of hopper positions to 6.


SHUR/Dry™ Slide Dryers

SD-III High Capacity Slide Dryer / Mechanical Convection Oven

SHUR/Dry™ is the most recent advancement in rapid slide drying technology. The new design allows users to increase their productivity while maintaining superior results.


  • Ambient to 75° + 1°
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Digital programming
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Recessed fluorescent lighting
  • Adjustable shelf accommodates many different sizes & shapes of articles.
  • Ideal for keeping microwave paraffin bowls liquidified between runs
  • Four powerful 3,200rpm fans each blow 51cfm of heated air across a 700w, 18” heating strip for rapid drying of glassware
  • Can handle large numbers of microscope slide racks


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