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Automatic Tissue Processor

The unique Histomaster tissue processor program meets all requirements of today's histo-pathology, covering safety of the specimen,
fast processing, flexibility, environmental protection and economy.

  • proven technique over many years
  • instrument can turn for easier loading of reagents
  • high capacity of up to 540 cassettes per run
  • analogue or digital programming
  • continues agitation for better processing
  • WAX CHECK for the protection of your specimens
  • Fume hood for a safer environment in which to work in your lab
  • digital, analogue
  • flexible and service friendly
  • up to 540 cassettes per run

SCANSCOPE XT – Automated High-Throughput Scanning


Experience ultra-fast, high-capacity scanning with our powerful, 120-slide capacity ScanScope XT system for 1 x 3" slides. Intended for high-throughput environments such as busy hospitals, reference labs, CROs, and pharmaceutical companies, the ScanScope XT system consistently delivers volumes of digital slides with superior image quality.

We also offer the ScanScope XT2 model, a 60-slide capacity scanner for 2 x 3" slides.


Tissue Arrayer Minicore V3

The 3rd generation of MiniCore® reveals itself even simpler to use, more functional with an increased traceability. Discover now the new MiniCore® 3 and ask for a demonstration !




Rotary Microtome, Semi-automatic

The semi-automatic Meditome is designed to meet the many requirements of clinical and research labs. This goal is achieved by


high efficiency with ergonomic design and therefore lightening your work load considerably.

Rotary Microtome Features

  • The perfect all-round solution for the histology lab
  • Accurate feed mechanism and coarse feed system in sealed and high ergonomic design
  • Efficient operation and maximum performance for optimum comfort
  • High volume waste tray, xylene resistant

High vacuum biospecimen transfer system

 - Eliminate formalin from surgery suites

 - Monitor tissue temperature during transfer

 - Deliver "fresh" tissues to laboratory

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC1) has classified formaldehyde as a class 1 carcinogen. This new classification is encouraging health authorities, surgical staff, pathologists and histotechnicians to look for ways to eliminate the substance from work environments. A critical exposure point for facility personnel is in the transfer of tissue from the surgical suite to the pathology lab. The advanges of TissueSAFE are:


SHUR/Mark® Cassette Labeler

The first instrumentation to automate and efficiently manage the cassette labeling process. Proven technology automatically feeds, prints and collates cassettes sequentially. Extensive data customization, input efficiencies and data storage capabilities. Easy to use.
New packaging offers customization to fit your lab’s individual needs.


Ideal for immediate access to printed cassettes. Accessories include collection guide chute, 2 dispensing hoppers, dual-position cassette hopper loading platform and Advance Software.

Optional accessories include a 4 hopper accessory (cat# SM-HA) that will extend number of hopper positions to 6.


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